Apex Legends lead developer calls players “ass-hats”, “dicks”, and “free-loaders”

Following the outrageous inclusion of a limited edition in-game axe that could only be obtained after spending $170 on loot-boxes, many Apex Legends players were livid.

Apex Legends promised players a fair monetization system at lunch, but lead producer Drew McCoy admits that Respawn Entertainment lost sight of that initial promise.

“At launch we made a promise to players that we intend to do monetization in a way that felt fair. We missed the mark when we broke our promise.”

Now that some time has passed from their initial apology, it seems that those words didn’t mean much coming from the developer.

The same Drew McCoy that apologized for the team’s failure at giving players a fair monetization system, also took to Reddit to hammer home his real opinions about Apex Legends’s playerbase under his alias Dko5.

After reveiving various insults and criticisms towards Respawn’s step back, apology, and mishandling of the even at hand that introduced these loot-boxes, McCoy decided to fire back.

In another comment, McCoy gave his opinion about the state of the gaming community, calling his own players ass-hats.

Of course, many took issue with this comment. Not only did the lead developer of Apex Legends refer to his own community and therefore customers as ass-hats, but many were quick to point out that there was also a time when developers didn’t force feed players with heavy monetization, loot-boxes, and paid content. You bought the game, and you played the game you bought.

McCoy also commented that most of the Apex community didn’t spend money on the game’s loot-boxes. But instead of going about his wording as a lead developer, he decided that name calling was still the path to be taken.

After many on the comment thread were tired of McCoy’s unprofessional and immature handling of the situation, McCoy retaliated.

It’s already known to many that Apex Legends isn’t seeing the overwhelming success that it saw at launch, but it seems that the EA backed battle royale is going about things while looking for dollar signs, not player happiness.

And when it comes to handling the situation of an angry playerbase, McCoy’s comments can only be seen as extremely unprofessional and childish. Sure, many within these Reddit threads can make horrible comments and be extremely hostile towards developers who don’t give them what they want, but firing back with name calling and insults isn’t the best tactic to win your community over.

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