Shortly after finally announcing the cancellation of the Super Duper Graphics pack, Mojang announces Ray-Tracing for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

It took only a few days, but Mojang has released what seems to be the answer to a popular question that’s been circulating throughout the Minecraft Bedrock Edition community for quite some time.

What was going on with the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics pack?

Well, it seems like the efforts that were going into the Super Duper Graphics Pack were shifted to the newly announced Ray-Tracing support for Minecraft 10 Edition. That’s right, only the Windows 10 Edition.

Unlike the Super Duper Graphics pack announced all the way in 2017 which promised PC level shaders for Minecraft on Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, the new Ray-Tracing feature will only be available on the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft.

This means that the original Minecraft for PC (now known as the Java edition) is getting passed over when it comes to the new Nvidia-backed graphics feature.

Luckily for those who held out for the Super Duper Graphics Pack, all hope may not be lost. Minecraft Bedrock platforms will soon be seeing individual updates that grant new graphics possibilities via the new game engine, Render Dragon.

As of now, the possibilities of the new engine and just how big these graphical improvements are is still a little vague.

Mojang says that the new Render Dragon engine will allow Minecraft Bedrock Edition systems to push out enhanced lighting techniques as well as other visual and performances upgrades.

Sadly though, it seems that the original Minecraft Java Edition is being pushed to the wayside as the Bedrock Editions of the game continue to get improved support and Java Edition continues to miss out on new features.

It seems that Java Edition could slowly be being phased out as Mojang pushes more players to adopt their primary edition of the game, Bedrock Edition.

Ray Tracing will be coming to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition with the new year, and hopefully we won’t have another Super Duper Graphics Pack situation.

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