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Death Stranding gets 3 new trailers at Gamescon 2019

As time ticks on Death Stranding continues to leave confusing questions on the table unanswered, but contained within 3 new trailers released at Gamescon 2019 are some answers.

And also some more questions.

First off, we have the Ludens Fan Trailer which shows off a little more of the landscape traversal gameplay. In the trailer we see Sam, played by Norman Reedus, making a parcel delivery to a new character only referred to as Ludens Fan (Ludens being the real life logo of Kojima Productions).

We also see a bit more of that intense ladder gameplay as well as some of same taking a piss.

We can see now that the babies contained within the capsule on various characters’ chests can be upset by long falls and possibly damage.

The trailer also shows off what seems to be a map showing Sam’s progress at reconnecting different areas in the “United Cities of America.”

The UCA could also be a reference to the division we’ve heard much of in previous trailers as well as the complete anarchy that connecting to the other side has brought via terrorists.

Next up, we have the Deadman Trailer where a lot of questions get a little clearer.

Here we learn a little bit more about how the babies, BBs, and just why so many characters can be spotted with one strapped around their chest.

The BBs come from a brain-dead mother, a still-mother, and are placed inside the capsule. Coming from the still-mother’s womb, the BB has a connection with the land of the dead, and by connecting to the BB you gain that connection as well. This is what allows you to track the horrifying creatures known as BTs.

We also learn that the BBs aren’t without an end. They have a maximum life expectancy of only 1 year inside the capsule.

Finally, we have the Mama Trailer.

It’s here that only about a thousand more questions arise just as we finally found some answers. The character we know as Mama seems to be attached to what seems to have been her daughter that has passed on.

We don’t know if she was still-born, or died shortly after birth, but Mama still retains her connection to her daughter even after death.

Somehow, even Mama’s body functions as if her daughter were still alive. She continually goes through the motions of breastfeeding her daughter as her body still produces milk for the baby.

According to Mama, this baby BT can’t harm anyone which really raises a lot of questions as to just how BTs work.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Death Stranding trailer without having questions to ask, but hopefully all these questions will be answered when the game finally releases.

Death Stranding releases on PlayStation 4 on November 8.

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