Game Informer’s future looks shaky as it lays off “many” of its staff

According to multiple former lawyers at Game Informer, the company has just gone through a large round of layoffs.

News Editor Imran Khan, Associate Editor Kyle Hilliard, Associate Editor Suriel Vazquez, and Managing Editor Matt Bertz all revealed on Twitter that they had been let go from Game Informer. According to, another former employee announced they had been let go along with “many others” on a private Twitter account as well.

Gamestop’s industry struggles are finally affecting what many consider to be a staple of the video game industry.

Recently, Gamestop attempted to sale itself, but could not find a buyer resulting in another dip in the already suffering stocks of the company.

Game Informer Australia was also recently shut down as the parent company Gamestop couldn’t make ends meet and ultimately decided to end the country-specific publication and run the US magazine in the region instead.

Game Informer boasted a whopping 6.6 million paid subscribers at the end of 2018, including its 2.1 million paid digital subscribers, making it the 5th largest consumer publication in the US. However, its huge numbers don’t seem to be doing enough to counteract the downfall of its parent company.

Hopefully, the end of Game Informer as we know it isn’t on the horizon as the publication has been a great source for video game news for years. I remember when I first subscribed to the magazine years ago, and still to this day I’m subscribed and find to be the best thing that has ever come out of Gamestop.

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