CD Projekt Red will be releasing a 15-minute long edit of the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay shown to press

Gamescon 2019 is fully underway, and Cyberpunk’s showings are as well. During the event, CDPR has been busy showing off their new game to press member, but today they announced that the public will get to see what’s been hidden behind the curtain.

Next week, CDPR will be hosting a live stream where an edited version of what’s been shown off to the press will air. The gameplay/trailer will last about 15 minutes, and following this will be interviews with developers who have worked on the game.

Specifically, the stream will show off even more of Night City and Cyberpunk’s gameplay as well as give us more in-depth information about one of its districts, Pacifica.

You’ll be able to catch the stream on August 30th at 11AM PST on the CD Projekt Red Twitch and Mixer channels.

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