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Epic Games Store didn’t give keys to Humble Bundle Store buyers of their exclusive game Control

Right after Control released, those who bought the game from the Humble Store were in for a treat when they found out that their game wasn’t playable at all because Epic hadn’t delivered Keys for Humble Store’s buyers.

Multiple Reddit threads went up shortly after the launch of the game asking for help redeeming keys to which Epic eventually responded to saying that they still hadn’t sent out those keys.

“While today is the official release date for Control, we are not quite at the time of day that the keys are to be released. Have no fear however, those are set to be distributed later today and you will be enjoying your game in no time. Once those keys arrive you will find them on the download page associated with your purchase.”

This is just another problem that players have had with the Epic Games Store to pile onto a long list.

While many have an issue with Epic’s extremely hostile manner of conducting business and their snatching of games for exclusivity deals, many would surely be less frustrated if the store had great service.

It doesn’t though.

The store is still under development with a long roadmap of features already available on other stores ahead of it. Maybe in time the store could actually compete with the likes of Steam when it comes to the actual features of the storefront, but for now that’s just not the case.

The issues with control have been fixed now, but for players who were anticipating playing the game a multi-hour wait past the intended release date and time had to have been painful.

Control is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store on PC.

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