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Telltale games comes back from the dead – Re-launch coming soon

After the tragic shutdown that came almost out of nowhere last years, Telltale games is being revived under a new umbrella.

Following the shutdown, all of Telltale’s assets were purchased by a company known as LCG Entertainment. Along with selling some of Telltale Games’ current backlog of titles, multiple new games will be put into production following some of Telltale’s existing franchises.

Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle will be taking charge of Telltale 2.0, and while their back catalog of games may bot be the most impressive to seasons gamers, it should be more than enough to take hold of Telltale’s reigns.

Ottilie is best known for his career in mobile games and most recently as a founder and CEO of Galaxy Pest Control, whose titles include licensed games for Duck Dynasty and Power Rangers.

According to Ottilie The Wolf Among Us and Batman rights have been attained for the newly relaunched Telltale Games, but other games’ licenses have expired and the team is currently looking into them.

Ottilie also said that the new Telltale will pick up some stories where the previous Telltale team left off.

“We’re still evaluating, but we definitely want to continue some of the stories.”

When it comes to one of Telltale’s most popular game series, The Walking Dead, it looks like the game will have to stand where it already is as Skyboud currently holds the license to the title and plans on releasing their own games in the future.

The new Telltale games is ready to go, but Ottilie says that the company is trying hard to avoid the mistakes that the old company couldn’t avoid. Whether or not this goes well for purchaser LCG is still to be seen. Maybe the new Telltale will also be improved, but its very possible that company’s future may be as grim as its past considering the loss of one of its most popular licenses, and an arguably questionable leader at the helm of a gaming company known for titles with a “pay for what you get” stance.

Telltale games were micro-transaction free, but with a leader boasting a huge mobile game background who’s games features some horrible micro-transactions, its possible that Telltale won’t be anything like the Telltale many knew.

A recent Polygon article also shows the disdain for the company that many former Telltale games have. Many believe it to be a cash grab and not a genuine relaunch, while other feel that LCG Entertainment has something to do with the initial shutdown that cost the jobs of so many employees.

Whether or not the new Telltale ends up being a cash grab business scheme or a genuine, Telltale is alive again for now.

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