Apex Legends beats out Fortnite for Twitch’s top spot during its first week

Fortnite has held its crown of being the most viewed game on Twitch for quite a while. At one point in time, Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout gave it a run for its money, but that only lasted a could days before Blackout would be pushed further down on the list.

Other than that, only a few special events and E-Sports Streams have been able to really surpass Fortnite on Twitch, but even those are just for a short amount of time while the event is going on.

Apex Legends though, as exploded past Fortnite in viewercount. During its first week of release, Apex Legends was live-streamed a whole 600,000 less hours than Fortnite, but despite that it was viewed 11 million more hours.

During that week Apex Legends had nearly 70,000 more viewers on average than Fortnite, 183,089 compared to 115,947.

Many attribute the huge success Apex Legends is seeing to the huge amount of marketing EA is putting behind the game. Not only are an enormous amount of ads running, but the amount of recruiting EA has done to get so many big name streamers to play has helped the game to excel.

What will make the difference though is longevity. We could end up seeing another situation similar to Blackout, where the game is successful at first, but falls off the wagon after the hype dies down.

But Apex made one smart move that could help keep it alive that Blackout just couldn’t manage to do, being free

That could make all the difference.

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