Black Ops 4 introduces the Black Market and its replacement for Supply Drops

Black Ops 3’s Supply Drop system was widely despised by fans of the series. What was introduced as cosmetic-only loot boxes, ended up containing rare and valuable weaponry exclusive to the Supply Drop system. On top of this was the fact that odds for obtaining the rare weaponry was horrible for the player. It isn’t a rare statement to hear people complaining that players could spend hundreds of dollars to receive basically nothing from Supply Drops.

Treyarch has heard community cries it seems, and has introduced a new version of the Black Market.

What they are calling The Contraband stream gives players a path to earn gear by simply playing the game. The new system is very similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, but with one catch.

It’s completely free.

Players will be able to ear new Blackout characters, signature weapons, specialist outfits, tags, and gestures from the Contraband stream.

On top of Contraband are the new seasonal Operations. Each Operation is, of course, a seasonal event. Players will be able to earn loot the same way as the Contraband stream, but all loot will be themed around the ongoing event.

Currently, players can take part in the Halloween Operation and earn new Halloween based loot.

You may be thinking, “Where does Activision make money from this?” That’s where Blackjack’s shop comes into play. Blackjack’s shop is a cash shop where players will be able to buy gear with limited availability. The shop refreshes on a weekly basis as well.

It’s nice to see a game going back to letting the players simply pay for the item they want instead of putting it all in a gambling game.

The entire Black Market update is live right now on PS4. Thanks to Sony’s exclusivity deal, PC and Xbox One will have to wait 7 days for the update. Check out Treyarch’s official video here –

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