IGN Resident Evil 2 review removes large section due to the reviewer not playing half of the game

IGN is currently dealing with yet another controversy surrounding their reviews. This time it’s not for plagiarism though, it’s for not even finishing the game they were reviewing.

Recently, reviews have been releasing for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. IGN was one of the first reviewers to release their review of the game, but that came with some compromises.

As it turns out, the reviews didn’t complete an entire half of the game.

According to those knowledgeable about the game (we don’t have our copy yet so we’ll have to go off what others say), after beating Resident Evil 2 you’ll unlock a ‘Second Run’ of the game. The second run will effect different parts of the game including the ending.

As it turns out, the IGN reviewer played through the full game once as Leon, tried switching to Claire, and expected the game to be different. The problem here is that the reviewer somehow missed the text that showed on screen explaining how to properly access ‘Second Run’ mode.

The review has since been edited to fix the mistake and the score of Resident Evil 2 has increased from an 8.8 to a 9.0.

While none of this really seems like a huge deal, it’s important to take into consideration that a professional reviewer somehow missed blatant instructions and it effected the game’s scoring.

As someone who tries their best to review games fairly and thoroughly, it’s disappointing to see professionals continuing to make games journalism a laughed at profession amongst many gamers. Sometimes it’s not knowing how to play games at all, other times its blatant plagiarism, and now games journalists can’t read instructions.

This Reddit post by u/BrandonSpikes sums up the issue with the IGN reviewer’s playthrough extremely well:

When our copy of Resident Evil 2 arrives rest assured that we’ll read the instructions, write in our own words, and play the game like someone who has played a video game before.

As of now, we haven’t read any reviews covering Resident Evil 2 ourselves. When early reviews release we make strong efforts to hold off from reading any reviews on game’s we’re covering so that there isn’t any bias from seeing other’s thoughts on the game.

We’re excited to get our hands on what looks to be a great game.

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