GameStop to launch “Guaranteed to love it” program – Allows users to return games 48 hours after game’s launch

GameStop has certainly seen better times, but after recently failing to sell itself it seems like the company has another Hail Mary up its sleeve.

The new “Guaranteed to love it” program will allow customers to return games 48 hours after their initial launch in return for $59.99 of in-store credit.

This new policy will be an extremely welcome one as many have spent years complaining about GameStop’s previously extremely anti-consumer return policy.

The first game attached to the policy will be the upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone. While having your game attached to a “if you hate it, bring it back” policy isn’t what you’d want.

If all goes to plan, this new policy could encourage a lot of sales as many could finally feel like buying from GameStop isn’t gambling $60 as the company now has a fair return policy.

What is still to be seen though is if this policy will apply to all games. Days Gone is the only game mentioned thus-far, and many online have expressed their concerns about the policy’s game limitations.

If this policy only applies to hand-picked games, then this policy could be another huge failure on GameStop’s part. If it applies to all new games, then there’s a change GameStop could finally be turning things around for the better.

We’ll keep you update as more details emerge.

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