The Witcher 3 is actually coming to Nintendo Switch, but how well will it actually run?

To everyone’s surprise, the PC hardware testing game that is The Witcher 3: Complete Edition is coming to the portable Nintendo Switch.

The game showed off during Nintendo’s E3 direct, and while it was certainly The Witcher 3, there are certainly plenty of corners being shaved off to make the game playable on the portable tablet.

On the official The Witcher Twitter account, it was confirmed that the game will be running at 540p in handheld mode, and 720p (with dynamic resolution enabled) while docked.

There isn’t any current confirmation around what FPS the game will run at, but it’s safe to believe that the game will be running with a 30 FPS cap (which it may not even be able to attain at points).

While the graphics here aren’t anything groundbreaking, it’s pretty impressive that CD Projekt Red was able to pull off the massive task of getting the game that’s known for pushing PCs to the limit to run on the Switch.

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