Treyarch finally patches the infamous Gorod Krovi zombies map easter egg bug on PC

Since it’s initial launch, the Black Ops 3 zombies map Gorod Krovi has been broken on PC. The easter egg quest that many hardcore zombie fans love completing hasn’t had the ability to be completed, but now after years of waiting Treyarch has gone back to fix the glitch.

Many fans could easily still be frustrated at the fact that it took Treyarch years to address an issue that plagued the PC zombies community. For now though, it’s just nice to see the zombies story finally fully working on PC.

For Black Ops 4 though, things aren’t looking as bright.

As it stands now, rumors are circulating that the next DLC zombies map will be a remake of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops game’s Call of the Dead map. If these rumors are true, the happiness that comes from this fix might be overshadowed by fans receiving yet another remake map instead of actual new content from the already highly criticized Black Ops 4.

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