Black Ops 4 DLC 2 is finally here – everything you need to know about Operation Grand Heist

Black Ops 4 is currently seeing a huge content drought. The game’s first DLC dropped in early December, and since then we’ve seen nothing but a couple new (and reused) weapons, one new specialist, and some new weapon skins.

This is a big deal as Black Ops 4 was supposed to be the most supported Call of Duty ever.

At least that’s what Treyarch told us.

Well luckily, the content drought is finally ending, and it could mean better support for the title. Black Ops 4’s 2nd DLC, titled Operation Grand Heist, will be hitting PS4 consoles as early as tomorrow January 19 (one week later for PC and Xbox One).

The huge update adds a ton.


Blackout will be seeing the addition of the Black Ops 2 zombie map Buried, and the Cosmic Silverback from Dead Ops Arcade will be coming to the mode as a new playable character. It also appears Brutus from Call of the Dead/Mob of the Dead will be playable in Blackout, but he wasn’t directly mentioned (he appears in the trailer at 0:53).

At the very end of the trailer, it looks like Treyarch is teasing the addition of Mob of the Dead to Blackout. That would definitely make an interesting addition to the map.


Multiplayer is getting 2 new maps in the form of Casino and Lockup.

Casino takes place within a luxury casino (believe it or not) in which “thieves have been crafting a plan to take off with the goods.” Lockup sees a “fight for justice” at a Los Angeles police station.

The two new multiplayer maps are only available as part of the Black Ops Pass.


Some new guns will be making their debut to the game with Operation Grand Heist.

  • The Switchblade X9 – a folding SMG with speedy reload and ADS times
  • The Rampage – a new full-auto shotgun
  • The Cha-Ching – a new melee weapon taking the form of a money bag

Game Modes

Party games of new and old are also coming to multiplayer. The first mode to hit will be One in the Chamber.

The biggest new addition to the current game modes is Hot Pursuit. Not much is known about the mode, but it looks to feature tons of vehicle action taking place on the Blackout Map.

The Call of Duty website says that the mode will be respawn-enabled, and sees two teams searching for cash around the entire map. The team with the most money at the end wins.


We’ll be seeing the release of our second new specialist in Operation Grand Heist (well kind of). Outrider will be returning from Black Ops 3 with the update, and she’s bring back her signature bow as well. Her abilities will most likely see a rework just as the other returning specialists already in the game have seen.

There will also be a ton of new outfits unlockable for the already in-game specialists along with the update.


There doesn’t appear to be any new zombies content with this DLC drop, possibly confirming that we’re going to see a zombies DLC map every other DLC.

In the past, DLCs have been 4 multiplayer maps along with 1 zombies map, but it appears that Treyarch is releasing 2 multiplayer maps along with Blackout updates in one update, and 2 more multiplayer maps along witha zombies map in the next.

Hopefully this update give the game a jolt of life, and this might be a good sign that Treyarch is on track to continue releasing new content for Black Ops 4.

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